Weekend Getaway in Denver

A few nights after our Greek honeymoon I was playing around with Google Flights to see what was out there. In my playing around, I found a flight from Louisville to Denver roundtrip for $120 on Frontier, leaving on a Friday at 6:30 PM and coming back Sunday afternoon. Typically flights out of Louisville are pretty expensive (compared to driving two hours to Indianapolis or Cincinnati) so even without having any plans for Denver, I went ahead and booked tickets on the flight. Last time we went to Denver, our trip was cut short by a snowstorm and our flight was delayed so Sam was pretty happy to hear we were going back in summer weather.

For travel in Denver, I booked a rental car through Silvercar, which is an absolutely amazing rental agency (they are owned by Audi and only rent out Audis). I was able to rent a convertible Audi A5 for a total of $165 for the three days. If Silvercar interests you, use my referral code: QCGWHIYT

All the photos from this trip can be found on Flickr.

The Incline

A 2,000 foot gain over .88 of a mile, the Manitou Incline can be a challenge. The path itself is pretty easy, as it’s just wooden planks all the way to the top. However, the elevation gain and amount of planks will have you sweating and breathing hard. After you make it to the top, there is a four-mile hike back down the backside of the mountain.


Royal Gorge

The Royal Gorge is a gorge in Southern Colorado (about a 3-hour drive from Denver) that the Arkansas River flows through. In 1929, a bridge was built that spans the gorge and later the bridge was turned into a tourist attraction.

On the bridge, there are flags of every state and two “rides” – a zip line across the gorge and a slingshot type ride. Unfortunately, the weather did not hold out for us so Sam didn’t get to do either.