Week 9 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 71-49

Raiders at 49ers

Both of these teams are trash, however San Francisco isn’t having a fire sale and is playing to win, not the future.

Lions at Vikings

This is a toss up game, both teams struggle at times and both teams have great QBs.

Bears at Bills

Nathan Peterman is back at QB for the Bills… RIP

Buccaneers at Panthers

Ryan Fitzpatrick is back in at QB for the Bucs. I almost want to take the upset pick here, but after last week’s loss, I think the Panthers bounce back.

Chiefs at Browns

Even with firing Hugh Jackson, there isn’t much this Browns team can do to stop the high rolling Chiefs.

Jets at Dolphins

Another season, another game that Ryan Tannehill is out with injury. The Dolphins squad with Tannehill looked somewhat competent, but without him not so much.

Steelers at Ravens

Falcons at Redskins

Who would have thought that Alex Smith and Adrian Peterson still would look this good at their age.

Texans at Broncos

I’m taking the upset pick with the Texans over the Broncos. With the trade of DT to the Texans, the Broncos are bound to have some locker room trouble and DT will have something to prove against his former team.

Chargers at Seahawks

The Chargers are a sneaky good team this year.

Rams at Saints

My upset pick of the week, the Saints stop the perfect season. Both offenses are two of the best (if not the best) in the league and the Ram defense is better, however I don’t think the Rams have really been punched in the mouth this season yet.

Packers at Patriots

This will be a high scoring shootout just like the Chiefs and the Bears game. If the Patriots defense can stop Aaron Rodgers on one or two drives, the Patriots can pull out the win.

Titans at Cowboys

The Cowboys only win at home and win they win they don’t look too bad… Since they are playing at home, I have to go with the Cowboys.