Week 8 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 61-45

I had an extremely good week last week, going 12-2 overall. My two losses were picking the Browns (who lost in OT) and the Cowboys (who lost by 3).

Dolphins at Texans

The Dolphins have the Lobster starting for them now, replacing the injured Ryan Tannehill. While the Texans aren’t exactly very strong, at least they don’t have Lobster starting for them…

Eagles at Jaguars

Man, this is a bad Jaguars team. Blake Bortles isn’t working out, even after the huge contract he received this past off season. I think the Jags had the shortest run in history, lasting from 2017 to 2017..

Broncos at Chiefs

The Chiefs are heads and shoulders above the rest of the AFC West.

Browns at Steelers

This would be my upset pick of the week, but I’ve been picking the Browns and getting burned – have to go with the Steelers this week.

Redskins at Giants

The Redskins are starting to put everything together and look really solid. The Giants, well they are the Giants and until they figure out their QB situation they aren’t getting much better.

Seahawks at Lions

The Lions are actually kinda underrated this year.

Buccaneers at Bengals

Jets at Bears

The Bears are the 2nd best team in the NFC right now when Trubisky is playing well. When he’s not playing well, well they are awful.

Ravens at Panthers

The Ravens are sneaky good this year and the Panthers are hit and miss every week.

Colts at Raiders

John Gruden is having selling off every piece of the Raiders, getting rid of Amari Cooper this week and the rumor is Derrick Carr is the next go to go.

49ers at Cardinals

The battle of which team sucks less.

Packers at Rams

Rams are the best team in the NFL until someone beats them.

Saints at Vikings

I’m not sure if the Vikings have figured it out or not yet and the Saints are looking great this season.

Patriots at Bills

Who is starting at QB for the Bills? Yeaaaa….