Week 5 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 32-31

I’ve finally broke over the .500 mark after last week’s games. The Bears and Rams look like the best teams in the NFC while the Chiefs and a mix of the Patriots/Ravens/Jaguars are leading the AFC.

This is a short week for me so I had to run through my picks…

Colts vs Patriots

Long live the Patriots! Reports of the Patriot dynasty falling were shot to pieces last week as the Pats rolled over the Dolphins in a shutout. Josh Gordon is already picking up the playbook and has developed trust with Tom Brady. Gordon will draw defenders away from Gronk and the Pats get Julian Edleman back as well.

Redskins vs Saints

Drew Brees is ageless and the Saint offense is really clicking. This looks to be a high scoring game.

Titans vs Bills

Mike Vrabel is leading a culture change, going for the win in overtime. The Titans are a good team when healthy and the Bills are a bad team pretty much all of the time.

Falcons vs Steelers

This is gonna be a toss up – both teams have great offenses and bad defenses. Matt Ryan, even with his team losing, is doing everything possible he can do and I don’t think the Steelers will deny him a win/.

Broncos vs Jets

The rookie QB Sam Darnold fell back down to Earth the last few games and the Broncos have a nasty defense. Good luck with that Sam!

Jaguars vs Chiefs

This is a possible AFC Championship game match up, I think the Chiefs when in a a close one.

Packers vs Lions

On some weekends the Lions are really good and on other weekends they are extremely bad. The Lions this year are really bipolar, but this week I think they show their good side.

Ravens vs Browns

I’m still on the Baker Mayfield train, however this is a really good Ravens team that is showing a lot of creativity.

Giants vs Panthers

The Giants are playing really bad, maybe finding a Eli Manning replacement needs to occur faster…

Dolphins vs Bengals

On one hand this is a decent Dolphins team and after an absolute whooping by the Patriots last week have a lot to prove. On the other hand this is an improved Bengals team that has Andy Dalton playing extremely well.

Raiders vs Chargers

Who knew that Khalil Mack was a monster? Apparently Jon Gruden didn’t know

Cardinals vs 49ers

Which team is worse, the Cardinals or the 49ers? I’m taking the 49ers because of coaching.

Vikings vs Eagles

My upset of the week, the Vikings and Kirk Cousins finally figure it out against a struggling Eagles team.

Rams vs Seahawks

Until someone beats the Rams, they are by far the best team this year.

Cowboys vs Texans

This Cowboy team has a lot of issues, mainly with their offense. The Texans also have a lot of issues, possibly even more than the Cowboys.