Week 4 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 23-25

My first week not going .500, doing a little bit worse with multiple upsets occurring in Week 3. Who would have thought that the Bills would absolutely destroy the Vikings or the Lions rolling over the Patriots – it was a crazy week.

This Week’s Picks

Vikings at Rams

I’m not sure what happened to the Vikings last week as they were blown out by the Bills… The Rams are still the best team in the league

Bengals at Falcons

Both defenses are pretty bad right now ranking #24 and #26 for passing. This game could go either way but I’m taking the Falcons after their explosive performance against the Saints.

Buccaneers at Bears

Even though Fitzmagic fizzled in the first half against the Steelers, I’m still a believer. While the Bear defense has been great, I think it will come down to whose offense can perform the best.

Lions at Cowboys

The Cowboys still can’t seem to get it together and the Lions look to be putting the pieces into place. It’s a simple situation of the Lions trending up and the Cowboys trending down.

Bills at Packers

I think the Bills win over the Vikings is a fluke and the Packers are looking to rebound after a big loss to the Redskins.

Eagles at Titans

The Titans have looked really bad all year, even with a win over the Texans. Carson Wentz looked extremely good compared to where I thought he would be.

Texans at Colts

The Texans might be the worst team in football right now.

Dolphins at Patriots

The Patriots look really bad right now. While the defense is getting all the hate press, I think the majority of the issues right now are with the offense. In the first half of the Lions game the offense was only on the field for 6 minutes (so that’s 24 minutes for the defense). The offense started the game with three “three and outs” and there just aren’t any weapons for Brady to throw to. Gronk is getting double teamed and the opposing defense doesn’t have to worry about any other weapons (Hogan is in the wrong role until Edelman comes back and Dorsett is average). The defense needs a massive boost in play from Dont’a Hightower, who before injury was a All-Pro linebacker and now is possibly the worst linebacker on the team.

This pick is more of a homer pick.

Jets at Jaguars

I’m not sure what to make of Jacksonville loss last week. The Jets are still anemic so going with the Jags in this one.

Cleveland at Oakland

All aboard the Baker Mayfield train! I’ve been saying since the draft that he was the best QB by far in the draft and his win for the Browns last week looks to be that way.

Seahawks at Cardinals

The Cardinals have officially named Josh Rosen as their starting QB. While he didn’t look to be a world beater last week, it will be interesting to see how he does against this Seahawk defense (namely Earl Thomas).

Saints at Giants

Drew Brees is beating father time putting the entire Saints team on his back in a comeback win over the Falcons last week. The Giants are still figuring out their identity.

49ers at Chargers

Jimmy G is out for the season with a torn ACL and the thus the 49er season is pretty much over…

Ravens at Steelers

50/50 toss up on this game – I’m not sure about either team right now.

Chiefs at Broncos

Patrick Mahomes looks incredible and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Redskins and Panthers have a bye this week