Week 3 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 16-16

After two weeks of play there are still some teams that don’t have an identity yet – Jets, Redskins, Raiders, and Cowboys. This week will be a pivotal week and will show if they are going to be bad or playing bad.

This Week’s Picks

Jets at Browns

The Jets looked great in Week 1 and awful in Week 2 so who knows what the Jets are going to look like. I’m still really high on the Browns and their 0-1-1 record is extremely close to being 2-0.

Saints at Falcons

I keep going back and forth on this game as these are two teams that are close in skill and are big rivals. Both teams haven’t looked great this season, with the Falcons offense looking bad and the Saints defense looking really bad. This game could go either direction.

Packers at Redskins

Just like the Jets, the Redskins are still unknown – doing well in Week 1 and bad in Week 2. The Packers live and die with Aaron Rodgers so as long as he is playing I’m gonna have to the Packers.

Colts at Eagles

The Colts look like a team that is slowly putting it together, but the Eagles will have Carson Wenz back. Eagles will roll over the Colts this week.

Bills at Vikings

Not to pile it on the Bills, but they literally had a player retire at halftime…. Taking the Vikings in a blowout.

Raiders at Dolphins

While I’m not a believer in the Dolphins yet, I’m really not a believer in the Raiders. Carr is still playing scared and that unit is not meshing yet.

Broncos at Ravens

Joe Flacco looked really bad last week and the Ravens as a whole might need to start from scratch, building around Lamar Jackson.

Bengals at Panthers

After picking against the Bengals two weeks in a row, I’m on the Bengal train now as the best team in the AFC North. This is a really good Panthers team as well, but I think the Bengals are more well-rounded.

Giants at Texans

I want to pick the Giants here, but I think Deshaun Watson and that Texan defense will find a way for a win.

Titans at Jaguars

The Jaguars are the best team in the AFC right now after their win over New England.

49ers at Chiefs

The Chiefs have the worst defense in the league, however their offense is one of the best, if not the best. The Chiefs can put up 41 points without blinking. This game will be a shootout, but the Chiefs are more explosive and have better weapons.

Chargers at Rams

The Rams are by far the best team in the league right now, until they show otherwise I’m taking the Rams all year.

Cowboys at Seahawks

I still believe in Dak and the Cowboy defense. This is a must win for the Cowboys and if they lose I think major changes need to be made.

Bears at Cardinals

If the Bills are the worst team in the league this year, the Cardinals are right next to them. They managed to cross over the 50 yard line in Week 2 a total of one time and this is an offense that features Sam Bradford, Larry Fitzgerald, and David Johnson….

Patriots at Lions

Look for the Patriots to bounce back after last week’s loss. Look for the Patriot defense to clamp down and pressure Stafford all game.

Steelers at Buccaneers

I’m riding the hot hand in this one, Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like the best QB in the league right now. Even though he will start to play extremely bad pretty soon (as his history tells us), until that happens I’m all in on Fitzpatrick. It helps too that the Steelers still haven’t resolved their┬áLe’veon Bell situation and now they are having issues with Antonio Brown. The Steelers look like a team that is ready to implode.