Week 2 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 8-8

The Browns almost had the upset victory, the Saints made Fitzpatrick for the Bucs looked like Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan and the Falcons still can’t score in the redzone. I was 100% wrong about the Cardinals and Redskins and it looks like the Cowboys are going to have a long season…

The Monday night games were absolutely awful, the Lions didn’t show up and the Raiders didn’t make it out of halftime.

This Week’s Picks

Ravens at Bengals

The Ravens looked great against the Bills last night and it seems they finally have their offensive woes from previous years fixed. The Bengals defense will keep this a close game however.

Panthers at Falcons

The Falcons were downright disappointing last week with Matt Ryan having a terrible performance and the team still not scoring in the redzone. While the Panthers didn’t look super good against the Cowboys, they look better than the Falcons.

Colts at Redskins

Boy was I wrong about the Redskins. The new combo of Adrian Peterson and Alex Smith worked and the team looks to be a strong wildcard this season while the Colts are still a work in progress.
Texans at Titans

Injuries decimated the Titans last week with at one point having their starting tight end, offensive lineman, and QB all out. The Texans looked good in the second half against the Patriots and I think will continue on with that.

Eagles at Buccaneers

The Eagles did not look like world beaters last week against the Falcons, they simply didn’t play as bad as the Falcons did. My upset and hot take for the week will be the Bucs over the Eagles as the explosive Buccaneer offense lead by Ryan Fitzpatrick (what??) continues on with their success.

Chiefs at Steelers

James Conner looked great replacing Bell at running back for the Steelers, however Patrick Mahomes looks like the next big thing at quarterback for the Chiefs. I’ve been super high on¬†Mahomes, who reminds me a lot of a Brett Farve – a cannon arm and a gunslinger mentality. Combine that with Andy Reid and I think you have one of, if not the most, explosive passing attacks in the league.

Dolphins at Jets

The Jets absolutely demolished the Lions on Monday Night Football, picking off Matt Stafford five times and scoring at will. Darnold looked good and the Jets were firing at all cylinders. I’m not ready though to believe in Darnold yet….

Chargers at Bills

Are the Bills still sending Nathan Peterman out? Will the Bills go 0-16?

Vikings at Packers

This game could go either way, but I believe the Vikings defense will ultimate be the game changer.

Browns at Saints

My upset pick for last week, the Browns ended up ending their game with the Steelers in a tie (so I was close). I’m still a big believer in the Browns this season, however there is no way the Saints do not respond after losing in a shootout against Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Lions at 49ers

Last week Lions had one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. They looked hopeless, tired, and Matt Stafford was throwing picks left and right. Even though the 49ers lost last week, they looked like a decent team as long as the receivers can get on the same page with Jimmy G.

Cardinals at Rams

The Rams right now are pretty much the consensus#1 team in the league right now, its hard to pick against them but in then case not hard at all.

Patriots at Jaguars

I keep going back and forth on this one, as I can see this being a really close game depending on what New England team shows up – the one that was destroying the Texans in the first half of their game or the one that almost lost the game in the second half.¬† If New England shows up, I don’t think it will be close but if its a repeat of last week then this will be a three point game.

Raiders at Broncos

The Raiders didn’t look that bad against the Rams (the score suggests otherwise). For most of the game they were hanging in and the loss really sits on David Carr’s shoulders. Carr still looks afraid (from when he broke his leg) and doesn’t have any swagger to him. If John Gruden can fix that, the Raiders will be a completely different story, but that’s going to take some time.

Giants at Cowboys

This was another hard game to pick, as both teams looked pretty evenly matched. I still believe in Dak, however the Cowboys need to figure out a new game plan to help him out, as his receivers are not getting separating and he is getting hit constantly. Dak is not a QB that can make his receivers better (like Brady or Rodgers), but he is a guy that can extend plays and use his legs. In the end I think the Cowboys need to fire their head coach and bring someone else in who is creative and can build a unit around Dak’s strengths, but this is a Jerry Jones owned team so who knows.

Seahawks at Bears

After last week, I think the Bears will be one of the top teams by the end of the season. Their young head coach and QB are still figuring things out, but by the end of the season I think they would have learned a lot and from their mistakes. On the other side of the ball the Bears are straight up nasty with Khalil Mack absolutely looking worth two first round picks.