Week 1 2018 Season NFL Picks

Current Record: 0-0

Falcons at Eagles

I’m taking the Falcons over the returning SB champs. I don’t think the Eagles were the best team during the regular season – they peaked at the right time. With some uncertainty at the QB position and Nick Foles looking hot and cold during preseason, I don’t think the Eagles can match the Falcons when it comes to putting points up on the board.

Bills at Ravens

Nathan Peterman is the starting quarterback for the Bills, enough said.

Jaguars at Giants

I think the Jaguars were the second best team in the league last year and over the summer they added an All-Pro to their line and added two big targets for Bortles. The Giants are with a new coach and with a new weapon, so I’m waiting to see what they can do.

Buccaneers at Saints

The Bucs are starting Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB until Jameis Winston can come back from suspension. This was a pretty bad team last year and without Winston the Bucs are even worse.

Texans at Patriots

The Patriot defense, specifically the defensive line and corners, should be a night and day difference from last year. Adding Danny Shelton to the line should beef it up and the Patriots have a ton of young, hungry corners (J.C Jackson) that should mitigate the loss of Malcolm Butler. The defense also adds Brian Flores as coordinator, who looks to be more aggressive than his predecessor, and gets Donta Hightower back from injury.

49ers at Vikings

The Viking defense is just too good and the 49er offense is still a little green behind the ears. The Viking also added Kirk Cousins in the offseason and improved on that side of the ball.

Titans at Dolphins

No one is sure of the Dolphins, myself included. I like Adam Gase as a head coach, but something is just not clicking with the Dolphins.

Bengals at Colts

If the Colts win, I wouldn’t be surprised. If the Bengals win, I wouldn’t be surprised. I feel like this a 50/50 game and really depends on what quarterbacks we are getting that day. Are we getting a average Andy Dalton or are we getting a Dalton chucking bombs to John Ross? Same with Jacoby Brissett – will he be just managing the game or has he taken a step forward?

Steelers at Browns

If there is going to be an upset, I’d take the Browns over the Steelers. The Steelers are not meshing as a unit right now as they are dealing with the Le’veon Bell contract drama and on paper their defense should be better. But the Browns have a potent offense lead by Tyrod Taylor and have an explosive swag to them. If anyone could burst open the season, it would be the Browns.

Chiefs at Chargers

Get ready for one of the next big quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes. Andy Reid will have Mahomes leading an explosive offense (don’t forget about Kareem Hunt) that will be in the top of the league. I don’t think the Chargers will have an answer for this.

Seahawks at Broncos

The Seahawks got better by subtraction, losing Tom Cable and a few headcases on the defense. The Broncos have been hit or miss with drafting and have a starting QB that doesn’t exactly make you go wow.

Cowboys at Panthers

With Elliot back, the Cowboys have the other part of their offense back that will allow Dak Prescott to look more like his rookie year self.

Redskins at Cardinals

Sam Bradford has moved on to the Cardinals and Alex Smith to the Redskins, so two highly efficient game managers leading these two teams. This look to be a close one.

Bears at Packers

I’m going with the Packers since Aaron Rodgers is back, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bears ended with the end. The Bears look to have a scrappy team that can compete with anyone, especially since they just traded for Khalil Mack.

Jets at Lions

The Jets will be starting Sam Darnold as the Day 1 Starter…. I’m a big believer of not starting a rookie QB and I didn’t think Darnold was that good coming out of college, Mayfield was my top QB followed by Rosen.

Rams at Raiders

The Raiders just traded Khalil Mack away, wasted a pick on Martavis Bryant, traded for AJ Mccarron – who knows what they are doing. The coaching got worse, any team that adds Tom Cable is bound to get worse, and Gruden is either a genius or a moron (at this point there is not telling which). The Rams are a really good team that added a major weapon in Brandon Cook and looks to continue on last year’s success.