Stockholm Spring Break

For Fall and Spring Breaks I try to go somewhere out of the country and somewhere new (only two requirements). I happened upon a cheap flight from Chicago to Stockholm and out of the blue called an old high school buddy of mine (Robert) and asked if he wanted to join. The next day I got an answer (of yes) from him and we were off to Stockholm. Joining us would be my brother and a coworker of Robert’s.

All photos were taken with an HTC Ten (I felt this should be mentioned) and can be viewed on Flickr.


I flew to Chicago from Indianapolis early Thursday morning and then Chicago to Newark. My brother, who joined late, would fly from Nashville to Boston and Boston to Keflavik (Iceland) where we would meet up and take a flight to Stockholm together. Both international flights were thru WOW Air, a low budget airline based in Iceland. Both round trip tickets were $380, but were barebones (no food or bags). WOW is nothing to brag home about, but for the cost you really can’t be it if you plan for it.


My flight to Iceland had me surrounded by frat boys who managed to drink all the plane’s alcohol (or at least according to the flight attendant), but the flight from Iceland to Stockholm had no issues… The airport in Iceland is very modern and small, but very expensive. We ended up arriving on time in Stockholm at 11:50 AM on Friday.


Robert and Theo, the coworker, arrived a few days before us in Copenhagen, so the drove to pick us up in Stockholm. We took the express train from the airport into Stockholm, which was very clean (as is everything in Sweden) and fast. I’m writing this article a year after this trip so I’m going off of memory, but we pretty much stayed to the area around the Stockholm Palace.


After some exploring Robert and Theo arrived and we made our way to our hotel, Hotell Dialog. The hotel reminded me of something off the Human Centipede, but outside of that no complaints.


Saturday consisted of exploring Stockholm and more. The highlight of the day was taking a boat cruise around the Stockholm fjords.


We also made our way to the Kaknäs Tower, which is a television tower that sits in a park in Stockholm that has a great view over the city.



We split of on Sunday, with Robert and Theo traveling to the Volvo museum and Patrick and myself staying in Stockholm. We decided to visit another end of the city that we had not saw yet, with the goal of visiting a sunken ship that has been raised up. This day ended up being very sunny and had great weather.


The sunken ship is the Vasa, a vessel built in 1627 with the goal of being one the largest war ships to sail. To get to the end of the story, it sunk on its maiden voyage in the fjords of Stockholm and left to rot. Normally a wooden ship would be eaten by bacteria in the water, but where the Vasa sunk prevented that (mud and pollution). Naturally the Swedes in the 1950s were able to raise the ship up and build a museum around it. The museum houses the ship and it’s contents (including skeletons and possessions found on the ship).

My photos of the ship are a little bad since it was very dark in the museum (just a FYI).


We ended the day by visiting an overpass with a view.



Monday was all day on planes, leaving Stockholm at noon and arriving in Newark at 5:30 PM with a layover in Iceland. Like always the Border and Customs agent was a dickhead, but after clearing him I hopped on a plane to Indianapolis and was home by midnight.

Lasting Thoughts

Stockholm is very clean, easy to navigate, and has tons of stuff to see and do. However, the culture there clashes with the American culture which I had a hard time dealing with. The Swedes like to be quiet and use as few words as possible while Americans love to talk, talk, and talk some more. I think the majority of the trip was in silence unless it was talking to one of the guys I was with.