Ring Alarm System Review

I recently picked up the Ring Alarm System (from BestBuy). The alarm system, now owned by Amazon, is advertised as “A smarter way to protect your property from the inside out. Effortless to install and completely customizable to fit any home” and “affordable solutions for any home or apartment without breaking the bank”. I initially went with Ring over others such as Nest and Samsung SmartThings (thru ADT) because of the price point (the kit I purchased was $299) and what came with the kit (three door/window sensors, two motion sensors, two keypads, and the base). System monitoring is only $10 a month as well.


Installing the Ring Alarm System was a piece of cake. The components live in one tray in the box and underneath that tray is another one with the separate installation boxes for each component. For instance, to install a door/window sensor, all you do is pull a tab which will start the syncing process (with the Ring app) and the installation box provides both mounting screws and 3M wall tape (which is what I went with). Every component has pretty much the same install and installing all the components took under a hour.


The entire system can be managed thru the Ring mobile app which allows you to set and customize the systems. The alarm system has three modes – disabled, home, and away – all which can be customized by choosing what sensors communicate with that mode, the amount of time you have to enter and leave, and if the chimes sounds are made. You can also “invite” other people and have custom passcodes for them, which you can set and delete. The system can also be set by using the keypads, which are easy to use and can be moved around (they have a battery and can be charged with the wall charger).

I tested the door/window sensors out and had no issues with them, they worked as imagined. The motion sensors worked as well, however they have a little bit of tolerance so a quick move (like a arm wave) didn’t seem to set them off but actual walking did.

It should be noted that unlike the competitors, the Ring Alarm System isn’t a smart home system. The Ring Alarm System is it’s own island and does not interact with other systems, so creating a functional smart home is not something you can really do.


Not to DOX myself and give the entire details to my security setup, but with the kit I was able to create a setup to where every entry way is covered in some manner and if the system is working there would be no way to get in without the system being set off. Setup was a breeze and using the system is alway very easy. There are other components that you can buy as well to extend the system easily.

For the money and when compared to other systems, if you don’t want a smart home but need a smart security system, the Ring Alarm System is great value for your money and I recommend it.