OWS MacSales Review

Recently I had to replace my MacBook Pro (stolen) and I wasn’t super sure where to actually go to get a used MacBook safely…. I found a few marketplace-type websites but after doing some research, they were hit or miss. Some of the other top results on Google seemed a little sketchy as well, but eventually, I stumbled upon OWS MacSales.

MacSales has a pretty robust used selection of MacBook Pros and other Apple products, but I was trying to replace what had 1:1 (since I was paying for it and giving it back to my employer). Luckily, MacSales had the same model and configuration at a reasonable price (more than the marketplaces but significantly less than new), so I took the plunge and ordered it from them. Ordering was like any other ecommerce website and I received the laptop in two business days.

The laptop suffered a small crack in the bezel during shipping unfortunately. However, the MacSales team was super responsive to my ticket and I had the laptop shipped back out to them the next day and repaired that a week at no cost. Their customer support agent was very responsive and transparent the entire time. While it sucked not having the laptop, I’m glad I ordered thru them since I can’t imagine doing this thru a third-party vendor on a marketplace.