My new BMW 428i

I recently setup on a car hunt, looking for a car that had some power, more premium options, and possibly a convertible. My previous car, a 2013 Scion tC, was reliable and sporty looking, however lacked any real power, which was a pain merging into traffic, and the extra premium options, like heated seats. Eventually I landed upon a BMW 428i, which offers everything I was looking for. I settled upon a 2015 BMW 428i with all the options (Cold Weather Package, Premium Package, DriverAssist, Driver Assist+) that only had 25k miles. The car was being sold by CarMax and at a decent price.

The Buying Process at CarMax

The entire purchase process was a breeze at CarMax. Before anything, I first made sure I was preapproved for the car amount, which I was, and then I placed a hold on the car. Since the car was outside of the range where cars could be shipped in for free to my local CarMax dealership, I had another similar car (same model, no options) shipped in from within the free shipping radius and was able to test that once is was delivered at no cost. I liked the test drive and then paid a shipping fee ($200) to have the BMW I liked shipped in. My only complaint with this is that there is no tracking, the best CarMax could do is tell me that it would arrive within a range of days. That is a little frustrating given the amount I paid for shipping and that I was borrowing a car to drive until that car arrived.

Once the car arrived I tested it out, liked it, and started the purchase process. At CarMax there is no haggling for prices and they don’t try to sell you anything (outside of the warranty, which I will get to later), so the process was extremely smooth. I handed in my bank pre approval letter (through Bank of America) and 40 minutes later I was signing documents. I opted to purchase the CarMax MaxCare warranty, which covers “Engine, Transmission, Drivetrain, Electronics, Electrical Systems, Steering, Suspension, Cooling System, Climate Control” for up to 100k miles and has a low deductible. Given all the things that can go wrong with a BMW and the costs associated with that, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with the warranty.

The Car

I’m in love with the car! The interior is very premium, with some many extras. The biggest thing that gets people are the neck vents in the seat, which will shoot hot air out down your neck and back. With the neck vents, heated steering wheel, and heated seats the BMW has been great in the colder temperatures.


Putting it in sport mode really gives you the power of the car, which supposedly will do 0-60 in 5.4 seconds (I’ve seen both 5.4 and 6.4). Moral of the story is your head will jerk in your seat and there is no issue merging into traffic.

I was really luck with the weather being in the 60s during the first two days of ownership so I was able to drive with the top down, which I really like. The weather is back down in the 20s and 30s now but I can definitely tell that the summer is going to be fun with this car.