Los Angeles for a Day

If you have never heard of the Million Mile Lexus, it’s a 1996 Lexus LS400 that is nearing one million miles. The owner, Matt Farah, lends it out to people for months at a time in hopes of adding miles to it. A good friend of mine, Robert, wanted to help Matt in his goal of reaching a million miles so we headed out to Los Angeles to pick up the car and drive it all the way back. The plan was to fly out Saturday morning and then spend all weekend driving the Lexus back.

The Million Mile Lexus


We left Cincinnati (CVG) for Los Angeles (LAX) with Frontier Airlines, coming in at $59 one way. The flight was a easy four hour flight and we arrived in LA around 9:30 A.M. From the airport we made out way to Matt Farah’s shop where we picked up the Million Mile Lexus.

From the shop we made our way to Randy’s Donuts. I was not expecting the donuts to be anything special – I figured it was more of a tourist destination (because of the building). Boy was I wrong, the donuts were probably the best donuts I’ve ever had.

Our next stop was Venice Beach. From the pier at Venice Beach, we rented Bird Scooters and scooted (?) up to Santa Monica Pier and then back down to Muscle Beach were we met Ana and Anton, the last people to drive the Million Mile Lexus. They were super nice and took us on a little tour of the area on our way back to the car.


After saying our goodbyes we started on the 32 hour journey back to Louisville. After one hour and 25 miles later we stopped at an In-N-Out, which is no where near the level of Whataburger. We drove through the California mountains like into the night and into Arizona.



The plan was to drive non stop, only stopping for gas. We pretty much held up to this so Sunday consisted of sitting in the car all day. We drove through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The drive is pretty simple, just stay on 40 and then 44 all the way up to St. Louis. We did find out that the speedometer in the Lexus was off by five miles, the odometer was also off, and the windshield wiper fluid couldn’t not be sprayed (someone painted over where it comes out).



I would like to say at the start of Monday morning we were almost in the St. Louis metro, since its a four hour drive from St. Louis to Louisville and we arrived in Louisville at 3:00 AM. The Lexus made the 32 hour, over 2,000 mile non stop journey.