Introducing Customer List Export for WooCommerce

While WooCommerce allows you to export customers in a CSV, that export does not include full address data, which can be an issue if you are trying to create a mailing list or an email list. That problem caused me to create Customer List Export for WooCommerce, which allows you to see and filter a table (and export as a CSV) of customer data from WooCommerce. This includes first and last name, address, city, zip, email, and if the user has subscriptions or not (in WooCommerce Subscriptions).


The plugin attempts to clean the customer data as well, by normalizing address endings (so Road becomes Rd) and then removing duplicates based on name/address and then customer email. With that, the overall customer list shouldn’t have any duplicates, outside of user misspellings.

You can also choose between a billing address or shipping address (since this can be different) when it pulls the customer data. The table allows for sorting by columns and a live search that filters the entire table.

The plugin is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory or by going on Github and downloading the latest release.