I bought another car – 2018 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited

I’ve been adjusting to the two seat lifestyle of my Porsche Boxster, and well, sometimes you need more than two seats (surprisingly it’s not a trunk issue – the Boxster has decent trunk space). So I flew out to North Carolina and picked up a used 2018 Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited – 38k miles and in excellent condition. It is the highest trim level (Limited) and the upgraded engine.

The car has been driven from Charlotte all the way back to Louisville and around town, so at this point I think I have a pretty good feel of the car. The interior is leather with nice wood trim throughout and a touch of piano black. There is an eight inch touch head unit that supports Android Auto / Apple Car Play and has heated seats in the front and back. The seats are very comfortable and on a long road trip caused no complaints. It also has the Subaru Eyesight safety set, so lane assist, adaptive cruise control, and a few other safety tools. The lane assist isn’t the best (I’m comparing it to a 2019 Honda Civic), however the adaptive cruise control is very smooth.

The exterior isn’t going to turn any heads, but its a pretty solid design. The front headlights also rotate with the steering wheel which is pretty slic.