Canceling Sirius Satellite Radio

I recently upgraded the headunit in my BMW so it has the ability to use Android Auto, which I love. With that, I’m using Spotify for my in-car music needs exclusively. Before, I was using a mix of my music on my phone, regular radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Now that I don’t use Sirius Satellite Radio, I attempted to cancel. There are no actual buttons to cancel online, you are directed to an online chat with an agent (so they can attempt to change your mind). There were over 400 people ahead of me and took about 40 minutes before I was up. Here was the transaction (tldr: they don’t know what the word cancel means)

Attempt 1:


Attempt 2:


Attempt 3:


Attempt 4:


Attempt 5:


Attempt 6:


Attempt 7:

Attempt 8:

After this attempt, they canceled my account.