Berlin/London/Ibiza Fall Break



I flew Chicago (ORD) to Berlin (SXF) on WOW Airlines for $[] roundtrip – no bags. Nothing crazy with the flight, no complaints. I landed in Berlin at 11:35 AM and had one day to kill there. I wanna note that I was waiting until I get to London to buy a SIM card, which was a mistake (you’ll see later on).

From the airport I took a train into Berlin and I made my way to the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag building, which are both located in the Tiergarten park. After walking through the park (and seeing all the embassies that line the edge of it) I visited Checkpoint Charlie. As you make your way through Berlin, there is a pipe that runs where the Berlin Wall was.


The hostel I stayed at was aletto Kudamm and was a nice hotel that converted their basement into a hostel. This was one of the better hostels I’ve stayed in.

One thing to note is the airport in Berlin (SXF) is one of the worst airports I have ever been in. Navigating it is very confusing and there is a lack of seating throughout the entire airport. It is also very dirty and not modern.


From Berlin (SXF) I flew Ryanair to London (STN) – I barely made this flight. My plan was to take the train back to the airport, which was a hour away from where I was out in Berlin. The plan was to catch the train at 4:30 AM to be at the airport at 5:30 AM which would give me one hour to make it through security and to my gate. I arrived at the train station at  4:00 AM and sat on the empty platform for 30 minutes with no train ever coming. With no SIM card in my phone (thats where this comes into play), I couldn’t lookup any information on the train nor figure out how to get to the airport on time. I wasn’t the only one with luggage at that platform either, just they all spoke German and no English. Eventually a train arrived at 5:00 AM and took me to the airport, which I got to at 6:00 AM. In order to make the plane, I gave a man at the head of the security line the equivalent of $20 and then ran to my gate.

Arriving in London is a very cool experience, as the main train station in London reminds you of Harry Potter.



Ibiza is absolutely beautiful. The sunsets are like nothing I have ever seen before and the island is like a postcard, just with clubs everywhere.


Leaving Ibiza was one of the more cooler experience, as there is a beach near the airport. Because of this, I was able to lay out at the beach and not have to arrive at the airport very early. From Ibiza (IBZ) I flew back to London (STN) and stayed the night on the airport floor (still in my swim trunks and with my beach towel). In fact, there was so many people sleeping in the airport I lost my spot (on the floor) when I went to brush my teeth. This photo represents Camp Stansted accurately…

Extra: London to Berlin

I’m pretty sure a man died on my Ryanair flight from London (STN) to Berlin (SXF). When the plane took off, the man, who was seated on the exit seat of his row (I was in the exit seat of mine), would scratch at his face like he was trying to rip it off (kinda like zombie). He would do this for a few minutes and then pass out, wake up and do it again and then pass out – rinse and repeat for probably 30 minutes. Eventually he stopped and fell out of his seat into the aisleway. Once he fell, flight attendants came to him and tried to wake him up, but he wouldn’t. The flight attendants tried everything thing to wake him up – shaking him, yelling in his face, etc..

Right before they looked like they were going to give up, he responded to one of the shakes and was helped into his seat. They tried giving him water, which he wouldn’t drink, nor would he respond verbally. Eventually the flight attends went away and the commotion died down. Towards the end of the flight however the man’s face dropped down into his crotch and he stayed like that the remainder of the flight. The other person seated in his row (window seat) had to climb over him when we landed.

From the border agent booth I could see the plane and all the police cars and ambulance roll up. They put a covering over the entrance of the plane so you couldn’t see who was entering or leaving and needless to say that man never came thru where we were (and we were they for probably a hour).