Banquet Copy

Below is the copy that we would like you to say. We are having our banquet over Zoom this year because of COVID and the kids all say your they favorite wrestler, so how cool will it be that their awards are announced by you. Thank you for your time!

[introduce yourself]

The following are the awards for Jeffersonville High School Varisty Wrestlers, coached by Danny Struck and Brent Maddox

MVP: State placer Matt Munoz and state qualifier Connor Gilles (gil s)
Rookie of the Year: John Stivers
Mental Attitude: Connor Gilles
Most Improved: Jeremiah Cain and Bradley Owen
Most Inspiring: Connor Gilles
Senior Leader: Connor Gilles



The following are the awards for Jeffersonville High School Junior Varsity Wrestlers, coached by Nick Stewart and Evan Meyers

MVP: Kane Maharaj (ma ha raj)
Mental Attitude: Andres Cruz and Dylan Mouser
Most Improved: Noah Cain and Dylan Mouser
Most Inspiring: Wesley Jones



The following are the awards River Valley Middle School coached by Alonzo Sheperd and Jordan McNeely

MVP: Niziah Carr (nih zay a)
Mental Attitude: Montana Northern
Most Improved: Christian Matthews



The following are the awards for Parkview Middle School coached by Greg and Jack Ferraro (fer r o)

MVP: Aiden Stellato
Mental Attitude: Mehki Cooper
Most Improved: Ben Land
Highest GPA: Alex Hobbs


[something about why you should do off season wrestling and good luck to the guys wrestling at the Spatola Wrestling Tournament]