Afternoon trip to Boston

Now that I work from home permanently, the opportunity to travel has opened up tremendously. An early morning flight, work from the airport all day, and then in the afternoon explore the destination. While I’ve done this when picking up cars, I recently did it for the first time for a travel-only related trip with a friend.

Boston for three afternoons

First off Terminal A at Logan Airport is awful – not connected to the other terminals and to get to the other terminals, you have to go thru security again. With that said, the airport is in a great location in regards to getting out of it and into town. From the airport, it was only a 15-minute walk (no need for transportation) to the Airbnb. There are lots of good spots with outlets as well away from the crowds which are nice for working.

On the first day, I visited the Old North area of downtown Boston and went to a Redsox game at Fenway. While attempting to use the trains, I ran into Fletcher Miller, Indiana University’s old heavyweight and a friend of a friend, so talk about a small world. The crowd at Fenway is super loud for a baseball game, however, the stadium itself is pretty old feeling and super cramped.


The second day we visited a good portion of East Boston, making our way down to the wharf and visiting Santarpio’s Pizza (which was very good, would recommend). We also did a good portion of the Freedom Trail and visited the Boston Common. Boston was wayyy hotter than I expected, so we were pretty drenched in sweat after doing the Freedom Trail.


Unfortunately, the third day went off the rails, as my friend ended up having to go to the hospital (nothing serious, either dehydration or food poisoning), so we didn’t get to make it to Bunker Hill or the USS Constitution.