A Day in Dallas

My brother Patrick graduated this past weekend from Officer School at Fort Sill. The graduation ceremony was open to friends and family so I made my way out to North Texas for roughly two days (left Thursday morning and came back Friday night).

I flew into Dallas Fort Worth and the ceremony was Friday afternoon about 3 hours north of Dallas in Lawton, OK. I made the journey in an Audi from Silver Car, which made the desolate drive a little better (thank you Texas highway speeds). Pro-tip, use the paid express lanes – these are awesome and are 100% worth the cost (I drove to Lawon not using them and I drove back using them).

JFK Musem

So in a short sentence summary, Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from the Texas School Book Depository in the top corner window, which the X on the road marks the first “hit”. Whether you believe that that actually happened and if its a conspiracy is a whole other debate, but for all intents and purposes, I’m going with the official record.


The Grassy Knoll, which is famous for “some of the Secret Service agents thought the gunfire was from an automatic weapon fired to the right rear of the president’s car, probably from a grassy knoll to which police rushed”.


The actual JFK Memorial is located a few blocks away from The Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Depository. The memorial features a “design is a cenotaph, or open tomb, that symbolizes the freedom of John F. Kennedy‚Äôs spirit”.


George Bush Presidential Library

Located on the SMU Campus is the George Bush Presidential Library, which houses all kinds of items from President Bush’s tenure. For instance, there are memos and his speech notes from all his major speeches and lots of things from 9/11 (the jacket he was wearing, etc..).


The library contains two steel beams from the Twin Towers, which are hung up in the middle of a large room to resemble the towers. The surrounding walls contain the names of everyone who was lost do to the tragic event.


Also in the library is the replica of the Oval Office, set up to match President Bush’s version of it.