I create websites from the ground up, using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Photoshop. This includes the initial wireframes and design, utilizing your branding and good UI to the best it can be. Basically, what ever you desire, I can come up with and create for you. Whether that be a blog theme or a e-commerence shop, you can depend on me to create and develop your next project.

Current Projects

Wrestle On

A wrestling marketplace where users can buy and sell wrestling shoes, singlets, and other gear. Currently slated for an early 2015 release

Whizzer Team Management

Wrestling specific team management and statics software for making a head coach's life easier

Newb Wired

Technology, gaming, and internet culture related blog and community



Help You Build

Simple and professional were the key points in this website design

#design, #development
Pizza World

A local pizza resutrant has a awful website and as a side project of mine I redesigned it.

#redesign, #design, #development
Bronx Hill MMA

A local MMA club wanted to get their athletes out to everyone with an easy to use, friendly site complete with forums. With this in mind I build a custom Wordpress theme complete with custom pages and a forum built into the theme to give the site a complete feel.

#wordpress, #theme, #design
Global Equipment LLC

Global Equipment needed a easy to use website to list their products and services, with the ability to update the pages themselves. Those requirements in mind, I built a custom Wordpress theme and customized Wordpress backend to match their needs.

#wordpress, #theme, #design
St. Louis on a Budget

I spend half my year away in the wonderful of St. Louis. Because of this, I thought it would be neat to run a small website about visiting and exploring St. Louis on a budget, and thus St. Louis on a Budget was born.

#wordpress, #theme, #design
My Saved Locations

I travel alot and simply do not remeber where everything is at. With that in mind, I created a simple application to save my location for later.

#android, #application, #mobileapp, #hybridapp, #webview

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Sound Protector

When I had an Android phone (HTC Incredible), I was disappointed that turning down all of Android's multiple volume settings was such a pain to do. So I picked up Java and built Sound Protector.

#android, #application, #mobileapp, #java

Google Play Store
Simple Song Download

. In the search of a music downloader, I was greeted by tons of advertisements, hard to use interfaces, and more features than I needed. Because of this, I decided to pull an all-nighter and create my own and from that Simple SongDownloader was born!

#android, #application, #mobileapp, #webview

More Info
My Pats

The New England Patriots are my favourite football team by far, and in my attempt to keep up resulted in the creation of My Pats

#android, #application, #mobileapp, #java

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Docm77 Mobile Minecraft WorldI

I was bored one morning and decided I was going to make an app for one of my favourite Youtube personalities...

#android, #application, #mobileapp, #java

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I'm always available for your next project. You can email me at or text me at 502.523.4572.