Global Equipment LLC

Global Equipment needed a easy to use website to list their products and services, with the ability to update the pages themselves. Those requirements in mind, I built a custom Wordpress theme and customized Wordpress backend to match their needs. Visit

Bronx Hill MMA

A local MMA club wanted to get their athletes out to everyone with an easy to use, friendly site complete with forums. With this in mind I build a custom Wordpress theme complete with custom pages and a forum built into the theme to give the site a complete feel. Visit

St. Louis on a Budget

I spend half my year away in the wonderful of St. Louis. Because of this, I thought it would be neat to run a small website about visiting and exploring St. Louis on a budget, and thus St. Louis on a Budget was born. Visit

My Pats Android App

The New England Patriots are my favourite football team by far, and in my attempt to keep up resulted in the creation of My Pats Visit

Sound Protector

When I had an Android phone (HTC Incredible), I was disappointed that turning down all of Android's multiple volume settings was such a pain to do. So I picked up Java and built Sound Protector. Visit

Docm77 Mobile Minecraft World

I was bored one morning and decided I was going to make an app for one of my favourite Youtube personalities...
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